Academic Programs

Executive MBA

I. Mandatory Courses

M101-A    Modern Management, Fundamentals & Practices

M102-A    Strategic Management

M103-A    Marketing Management

M104-A    Process Management

M105-A    Human Resources Management

M106-A    Operations Management

M107-A     Behavioral Economic And Customer Experience

M108-A     Management of Information Systems

M109-A     Accounting & Finance

M110-A     Organizational Behavior & Leadership 

II.B Specialized Courses

SM-203  Advanced Managerial Competences


III. Practicum

P-201 Business Projects

P-202 Corporate Management / Meet the CEO

P-203 International Practicum (Optional)

II.A Specialized Courses

SH-201 Healthcare Management

Certified courses by TUV Rheinland

IRCA Lead Auditor
Internal Auditor
Occupational Health & Safety Management System
Environmental Management System
Information Security Management System

Healthcare Management

  • Strategic Management
  • Process Management
  • HR Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Behavior & Leadership
  • Behavioral economics 
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Hospital Accreditation
  • Healthcare quality indicators

Nursing Management

Module 1

Introduction to Nursing competences

1.1. The psychology of patients & family members’ 

1.2. Patient & family members’ needs 

1.3. Competencies of Nurses and Medical staff 

1.4. Communication with patients & family members

Module 2

Nursing personality growth

2.1. Creative Problem Solving in Hospitals 

2.2. Teamwork skills for Healthcare staff 

2.3. Situational Care – How to adapt your behavior to the situation of the PFM 

2.4. Stress Management in HCO’s 

Module 3

Nursing requirements from HCO’s Accreditation standards

3.1. Patient care

3.2. Patient safety

3.3. Patient Education

3.4. Code of ethics for Nurses

General Courses

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