Academic Programs

Executive MBA

Minor in Healthcare Management

The first Executive MBA (minor Healthcare Management) program in Armenian Language developed and established by Management Mix in cooperation with Yerevan State Medical University (since Fall 2017). Around 50 Executives and Medical Doctors were graduated in the E-MBA

Minor in Innovation Technology & IT

Minor in Banking & Fintech These programs were established by Management Mix in Armenian language in cooperation with Polytechnics University and Russian Armenian University

I. Mandatory Courses

M101-A    Modern Management, Fundamentals & Practices

M102-A    Strategic Management

M103-A    Marketing Management

M104-A    Process Management

M105-A    Human Resources Management

M106-A    Operations Management

M107-A     Behavioral Economic And Customer Experience

M108-A     Management of Information Systems

M109-A     Accounting & Finance

M110-A     Organizational Behavior & Leadership 

II.B Specialized Courses

SM-203  Advanced Managerial Competences


III. Practicum

P-201 Business Projects

P-202 Corporate Management / Meet the CEO

P-203 International Practicum (Optional)

II.A Specialized Courses

SH-201 Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

  • Strategic Management
  • Process Management
  • HR Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Behavior & Leadership
  • Behavioral economics 
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Hospital Accreditation
  • Healthcare quality indicators

Nursing Management

Module 1

Introduction to Nursing competences

1.1. The psychology of patients & family members’ 

1.2. Patient & family members’ needs 

1.3. Competencies of Nurses and Medical staff 

1.4. Communication with patients & family members

Module 2

Nursing personality growth

2.1. Creative Problem Solving in Hospitals 

2.2. Teamwork skills for Healthcare staff 

2.3. Situational Care – How to adapt your behavior to the situation of the PFM 

2.4. Stress Management in HCO’s 

Module 3

Nursing requirements from HCO’s Accreditation standards

3.1. Patient care

3.2. Patient safety

3.3. Patient Education

3.4. Code of ethics for Nurses

General Courses

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