Inward Investment Attraction into Armenian Selected Industries in Targeted Markets

Inward Investment Attraction into Armenian Selected Industries in Targeted Markets

Description of the Project:

With the aim of increasing the ADA’s capacity in attracting private investment, seeking new possibilities for export, and raising economic activity through servicing investors, the World Bank extended financing to the Government of Armenia to implement the four-year project “Second Foreign Investment and Export Facilitation Project”. This project started in 2008 and consists of four components:

1) Infrastructure and skills development;

2) Institutional strengthening of investor and exporter servicing;

3) Investment and export promotion and generation;

4) Project management, monitoring and evaluation.

The assignment’s purpose is to:

  • Increase the awareness of Armenia and its investment potential amongst foreign countries;
  • Focus on 5 Armenian high value added industrial sectors for the promotion in targeted foreign countries;
  • Achieve investment in the amount of USD 10,000,000 during the first year, and USD 25,000,000 during the upcoming 2 years;
  • Ensure the presentation of Armenian industrial sectors within the format of major international exhibitions/trade shows;
  • Transfer of the investment promotion knowledge to ADA investment promotion department staff for ambitious, proactive and sustainable promotion efforts in the future;
  • Elaborate plan to focus on marketing approach as a primary goal.

Description of the Actual Services Provided by your entity:

  • Analyse research on targeted sectors;
  • Suggest investment projects;
  • Suggest sectors and projects to focus on;
  • Submit an action plan;
  • Arrange meetings with 12-15 companies in targeted regions;
  • Prepare two road shows per year;
  • Actively following-up meetings and contacts;
  • Preparation and participation in international exhibitions and conferences.

In addition to organizing the following:

  1. Study tour plan for 5 days in UAE & 5 days in Kuwait
  2. One to one meetings with potential investors
  3. Travel & accommodation facilities for the participants
  4. Local transportation of the participants
  5.  Evaluation of the tour

Team Leader: Rafi Semerdjian

Senior Consultant: Arthur Khachatryan

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