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Technical Assistance to Reinforce Governance in Environmental Tasks Project (TARGET) Design and Implementation of a Quality Management System at Ministry of Environment

Detailed description of project The Technical Assistance to Reinforce Governance in Environmental Tasks Project (TARGET) is funded by the European Commission LIFE-Third Countries, managed by UNDP Lebanon, and executed by the Ministry of Environment (MOE). The TARGET Project aims at upgrading the administrative systems of the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and developing its human resources for the objective of governance improvement. It is a prerequisite for the efficient and effective implementation of the Ministry's mission. The work document of the Project identifies f ...

Start Date: 2007-01-01
Beneficiary: Ministry of Environment and UNDP
Country: Lebanon
Donor organization: European Commission

Armenia Education Quality And Relevance Project – Development and Placement of Educational Portal

Detailed description of project The Government of Armenia has received a World Bank credit for financing the Education Quality and Relevance Project (the Project), having as its main objective to improve the quality and increase the effectiveness of general education in the Republic of Armenia and to make education relevant to the emerging needs of the market economy. One of the Project’s components is the Integration of ICT in general education. Four main issues have been laid down as cornerstones for the introduction of ICT across the Armenian education system: (1) inf ...

Start Date: 2007-02-01
Beneficiary: “Centre for Education Projects" PIU
Country: Armenia
Donor organization: World Bank

Regional Development of Marzes (REDAM)

Detailed description of project The objective of the project was to support the decentralization process in Armenia and strengthen the institutional capacity at central, regional and local level in activating measures for the regional development. The project has been carried out in parallel in the two identified regions (Ararat and Vayotz Dzor Marzes) and was divided into four main components. Institutional Straightening Component: Strengthen the institutional capacity of the policy makers at regional level in designing and developing a sustai ...

Start Date: 2003-01-01
Beneficiary: Eurecna, Regionomica
Country: Armenia
Donor organization: EuropeAid, TACIS

Design and Implementation of Quality Management system at Ministry of Industry

Detailed description of project Design and Implementation of a Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001 standard's requirements: The project entails a deep and thorough Diagnosis Audit, identification of the Managerial, Operational and Support Processes of the Ministry of Industry, the subsequent legal requirements and their integration in the process description, and procedure implementation. Of the set objectives, creation of a dynamic structures to apt the QMS of the Ministry with the evolving laws and decrees. The project also entails the design and delivery ...

Start Date: 2000-01-01
Beneficiary: Ministry of Industry
Country: Lebanon
Donor organization: Government of the Republic of Lebanon

Waste collection & sanitary cleaning of Yerevan

Detailed description of project Waste collection & sanitary cleaning of Yerevan is a 10-years project where the City is divided into 2 main regions each including 5 districts. The project includes: provision of new garbage bins which will facilitate the waste separation & management; provision of new waste collection & snow cleaning machineries; training waste collectors & staffs to operate the cleaning machinery. Management Mix has delivered consultancy services including but not limited to market studies &a ...

Start Date: 2013-01-01
Beneficiary: Municipality of Yerevan
Country: Armenia
Donor organization: Municipality of Yerevan
Partners: SANITEK, S.A.R.L

Consulting Services for Food Safety and WTO Accession in Kazakhstan

Detailed description of project The Kazakhstan Health Sector Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform Project is an initiative co-financed by the Government of Kazakhstan and the World Bank to be implemented until 2013. Its objective is to introduce international standards and build long-term institutional capacity in MoH and related health institutions in support of key health sector reforms pursued by the Government of Kazakhstan in the context of the State Health Care Reform and Development Program. In this context,  the Health Sector Technology Transfer and Insti ...

Start Date: 2010-09-01
Beneficiary: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Country: Khazakhstan
Donor organization: Government of Kazakhstan & the World Bank
Partners: Euro Consultants, ALC

Inward Investment Attraction into Armenian Selected Industries in Targeted Markets

Detailed description of project With the aim of increasing the ADA’s capacity in attracting private investment, seeking new possibilities for export, and raising economic activity through servicing investors, the World Bank extended financing to the Government of Armenia to implement the four year project “Second Foreign Investment and Export Facilitation Project”. This project started in 2008 and consists of four components: 1) Infrastructure and skills development; 2) Institutional strengthening of investor and exporter servicing; 3) Investment and expor ...

Start Date: 2009-01-01
Beneficiary: Armenian Development Agency (ADA)
Country: Armenia
Donor organization: World Bank

Guidance and advisory support to the Ministry of Economy on Institutional Development Strategy Design and Implementation

Detailed description of project The overarching objective of this assignment is implementation of process approach within the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia which will allow optimizing the organizational structure of the Ministry and streamlining its operations. More specifically, Identification of core, support and management processes with corresponding activities for the whole Ministry, i.e. Development of Ministry’s process map. Identification of process owners and participants for each process. Assessment of the effe ...

Start Date: 2009-01-01
Beneficiary: Ministry of Economy (MoE)
Country: Armenia
Donor organization: World Bank

Development of Tender and Attestation Questionnaires (Tests), Question Cards and Manuals for all the Relevant Bodies of RA Civil Service Council and Civil Service System

Detailed description of project The outcomes of the activities are the following: Development of a package of recommendations of alternative and improved methods of evaluating knowledge, capabilities and values of staff in the RA civil service that will enhance the capacity of the civil service to select and evaluate professional and skilled staff that match the requirements of their specific functions; Training of the civil servants who are responsible for developing alternative and improved methods of evaluating knowledge, capabilities and values ...

Start Date: 2008-03
Finish Date: 2008-04
Beneficiary: Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Country: Armenia
Donor organization: World Bank
Partners: European Profiles (Greek)


Detailed description of project The Project Consisted in implementing ISO 9001 & HACCP. The Companies where these Standards were implemented are the followings: SAVA Cannery EUROTERM NOYAN Juice Processing HAM Ltd Herb SME DNC Type of services provided The Technical Assistance covered: Enterprise Development and Export Promotion Strategy through implementation of: - Quality Management Systems & ISO 9001 - Food Security according to HACCP & ISO 22000 - Good Hygiene Pr ...

Start Date: 2007-01-01
Beneficiary: SME DNC
Country: Armenia
Donor organization: UNDP/Armenian Government

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