Waste collection & sanitary cleaning of Yerevan

Waste collection & sanitary cleaning of Yerevan

Detailed description of project

Waste collection & sanitary cleaning of Yerevan is a 10-years project where the City is divided into 2 main regions each including 5 districts. The project includes:

  1. provision of new garbage bins which will facilitate the waste separation & management;
  2. provision of new waste collection & snow cleaning machineries;
  3. training waste collectors & staffs to operate the cleaning machinery.

Management Mix has delivered consultancy services including but not limited to market studies & assessment, preparation of tender documents, structural & human resources management, in order to engage its international partner in this project.

Type of services provided

Management Mix has delivered following consultancy services to its international partner:

  1. market study & analysis;
  2. engineering the organizational structure;
  3. identifying required experts & competency matrix;
  4. recruitment;
  5. engineering internal processes;
  6. resource management system;

project management.

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