The Gyumri Strategic Planning Forum: Toward a Cluster-Based Growth Strategy

The Gyumri Strategic Planning Forum: Toward a Cluster-Based Growth Strategy

Detailed description of project

The program was a three-day forum, attended by key professionals from different socio-cultural, NGOs as well as representatives of private businesses to discuss the reconstruction, redevelopment and economic revival of Gyumri and Shirak Marz in general as a disaster zone.

At the preparation stage, the following activities were held:

Management Mix prepared three development scenarios for Gyumri for discussion during the Forum. Management Mix in association with Shirak Competitiveness Center (SCC) gathered “Facts & Figures” background information including a preliminary analysis of existing business clusters. The consortium prepared a briefing book containing relevant background material, including general information, such as a discussion of cluster-based development strategies and public-private partnerships as well as information specific to Gyumri. The briefing book was distributed in advance to all invited participants.

Contact details:

Anoush Yedigaryan, Country Director, AED/Armenia


Anna Yengibaryan, Deputy Country Director

Participant Training Project

10 Aygedzor Street, Yerevan, Armenia

Tel:/Fax: (374-1) 221-048; 266-936

Type of services provided

  • Management Trainings
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Economic Development Analysis
  • Clustering policies and strategies
  • Strategic development Planning
  • Regional development Planning

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