Technical Assistance to ELCIM for the Implementation of Cluster Based Activities for SMEs

Technical Assistance to ELCIM for the Implementation of Cluster Based Activities for SMEs

Detailed description of project

The specific objectives are to design and implement a Cluster Support Programme for 5 Modules of which 4 are sector specific and 1 is cross-sector or group oriented. They are designed to have significant impact on business and the sectors, and to strengthen the process in Lebanon of cluster formation and co-operation, with its attendant cross cutting sector capabilities. Four Key Experts will be implementing/coordinating activities supported by Local & International Experts, with specific experience and knowledge relevant to each sector/module.

This Cluster Programme specifically addresses the strategic, operational, export and business cooperation orientated capacity building needs of SME manufacturers in 4 Modules in the selected key sectors of: Printing; Packaging; Food Processing & Beverage (including Vineries) and Software Manufacturing.

Specific activities planned to be implemented in these sectors are: sector specific qualifications; quality management assistance; export market assessment; sales and business mission; fairs participation; etc. Furthermore, the competitiveness and business cooperation needs of other selected cross-sector and international activities in Module 5 will be addressed. Module 5 also aims at individual companies’ assistance, such as: institutional development, training, reorganisation, management development, HR Management and HR Development, finances, marketing, promotion, etc.

Type of services provided

  • Business plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market survey
  • Market research
  • Technical consulting services
  • Quality Campaign
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 Consulting services
  • Awareness campaign
  • Expertise to access financing resources
  • Support International activities
  • Business Development Consultancy

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