Regional Development of Marzes (REDAM)

Regional Development of Marzes (REDAM)

Detailed description of project

The objective of the project was to support the decentralization process in Armenia and strengthen the institutional capacity at central, regional and local level in activating measures for the regional development. The project has been carried out in parallel in the two identified regions (Ararat and Vayotz Dzor Marzes) and was divided into four main components.

  1. Institutional Straightening Component: Strengthen the institutional capacity of the policy makers at regional level in designing and developing a sustainable strategy for the regional development with the involvement of the local communities, business community and civil society;
  2. Human Resources Development Component: Develop and implement a human resources policy strategy for the upgrading of skills and competencies of the civil service at regional and local level;
  3. Management Information System Component: Design and develop a Management Information System targeted to a better functioning of the administration and provision of public services;

Public Awareness Component: Define and implement a strategy communication campaign targeted to a better communication between the administration and the citizen.

Type of services provided

Our experts conducted the following researches and studies for REDAM Project:

  1. Human Resources Capacity Assessment
  2. Information Flows and Needs Assessment
  3. Regional Institutional Partnership Assessment

Our Experts monitored also the following studies:

  1. SME
  2. Agriculture
  3. Tourism Industry & its development perspectives
  4. Public Service Delivery
  5. Local & Regional Governance

The Projects is implemented in two Marzes (regions) of Armenia, namely Vayots Dzor and Ararat Marzes. Accordingly, the researches were performed for both Marzes.

For each assessment thorough studies were conducted, including such tools as questionnaires, site visits, and special analysis tools. For each assessment a series of recommendations were made.

Management Mix organized one week study tour to Lebanon.

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