Consulting Services for Food Safety and WTO Accession in Kazakhstan

Consulting Services for Food Safety and WTO Accession in Kazakhstan

Detailed description of project

The Kazakhstan Health Sector Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform Project is an initiative co-financed by the Government of Kazakhstan and the World Bank to be implemented until 2013. Its objective is to introduce international standards and build long-term institutional capacity in MoH and related health institutions in support of key health sector reforms pursued by the Government of Kazakhstan in the context of the State Health Care Reform and Development Program.

In this context,  the Health Sector Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform Project has a food safety component which aims at improving the overall food safety system and help Kazakhstan’s efforts to access WTO by introducing international sanitary and phyto-sanitary (SPS) norms. The implementation of the component aim to help the government:

  • Strengthening the institutional arrangements, laws and regulations for food safety;
  • Harmonizing an agreed set of food safety standards and practices with the Codex Alimentarius and other key international standards/benchmarks;
  • Strengthening food safety laboratories and aiding them to obtain accreditation;
  • Upgrading the knowledge and skills of staff involved in food safety oversight functions; and
  • Raising public awareness

The specific objective of the project “Consulting Services for Food Safety and WTO Accession” is to support the development and implementation of a robust and effective system for the assurance of food safety in compliance with WTO requirements and international standards. More specifically, provide technical assistance and capacity building for the Ministry of Health and relevant agencies to:

  1. Put in place mechanisms and institutional arrangements for:
  • Implications of food standardization efforts carried out internationally;
  • Food safety standardization and strengthening & accreditation of food safety laboratories based on the upgraded standards and procedures;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the food safety and risk management system.
  1. Capacity building in foods safety issues

Raising public awareness in food safety

Type of services provided

  • Assessment of Kazakhstan’s Food Control System


  • Development of the National Food Control Strategy,
  • Support structural changes in the food control management system,
  • Modernization of food safety control system by State Sanitary and Epidemiology Surveillance (SSES) bodies,
  • Strengthening of SES laboratory services,
  • Development and Establishment of Food safety monitoring information system.


  • Sanitary and Epidemiology Surveillance (SES) staff training on food safety.


  • Development & Implementation of a Communication strategy in the area food safety including the development of a website,
  • Development & Conduction of workshops in HACCP & Food Safety Risk Analysis,

Support to the MoH and MoA to develop information, education and communication materials for dissemination through mass media & educational systems.

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