Armenia Education Quality And Relevance Project – Development and Placement of Educational Portal

Armenia Education Quality And Relevance Project – Development and Placement of Educational Portal

Detailed description of project

The Government of Armenia has received a World Bank credit for financing the Education Quality and Relevance Project (the Project), having as its main objective to improve the quality and increase the effectiveness of general education in the Republic of Armenia and to make education relevant to the emerging needs of the market economy.

One of the Project’s components is the Integration of ICT in general education. Four main issues have been laid down as cornerstones for the introduction of ICT across the Armenian education system: (1) infrastructure; (2) teacher training; (3) curriculum development; and (4) educational content (software and portal).

The overall goal of the projected Education Portal is to provide support to the on-going reforms in the education sector of Armenia. This basically implies creating a digital platform which would offer to all the actors in the Armenian education system relevant and timely information, curriculum materials, teaching and learning aids, interactive services and virtual communities.

Type of services provided

  • Design and develop an Educational Portal, particularly:
    • Develop the user system which will consist of different websites and services
    • Create the administrative system, which will enable the management and administration of the Portal.
    • Provide a detailed high level description of main components, features and functionality of the portal.
    • Information architecture guideline
    • Technical system outline such as Content Management System and development procedures
    • Workflow and content management guidelines and maintenance plans
  • Implement and launch the Portal in Internet
  • Train the group of key administrators and users (the system administrator and beneficiary users)
  • Provide technical assistance to the Portal administrators and managers for one full year after the launch of the Educational Portal in Internet.

Follow-up on the levels of use of the Education Portal during the first year after the launch, making recommendations and specific proposals for improvement as a result of the acquired evidence.

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