Management Consulting

Management Mix® assists organizations in formulation, effective implementation and improvement of their ‘corporate strategy’, the organizational elements including processes, the organizational structure, talents (HR) management, marketing & sales management, customer service, IT infrastructure and resource management.

The foundation of consulting & training services are:

  • The 9-5-4 Management Guide designed & developed by Management Mix® and copyrighted in France (by the I.N.P.I. Reg. No.: 09 3 628 747).
  • International best practices and management standards such as but not limited to JCI, ISO, BSI, and other standards (i.e. quality and food safety management systems);
  • Standards & requirements by International Financial Organizations such as EBRD’s Performance Requirements and IFC’s Performance Standards (PS).


Managerial Solutions We provide consultancy in all organizational functions, International Standards, Guidelines and Best Practices!

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